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Chemigo is an acknowledged world manufacturer in organic chemicals, eg. OLED materials. Over 20 years of abundant experiences developing innovative organic optoelectronic materials in the markets of OLED, OPV, OTFT have led Chemigo to become renowned company in the chemical synthesis industry in North America, Europe, Asia and Taiwan. The company is now present in 7 locations worldwide to support its customers' demanding applications.

Chemigo product-range includes OLED material, OPV material, OTFT material, Organic Intermediates, Boronic Acid, ITO Patterned Glass and components, developed and manufactured in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. These innovative materials reputed for their unique expertise carry the Lumtec brand-name as a guarantee of high performances and cost-effectiveness. Most of our products are kept in stock of semi-bulk quantities to offer customers the service of just-in-time delivery.

Continuously, Chemigo keeps developing more advanced and innovative organic optoelectronic materials to support customers always the up-to-date products. We specifically offer custom synthesis and OEM/ODM products. Lumtec R&D team are professional experts to make related materials on demand of intermediates, reference compounds, starting materials, as well as derivatives of lead compounds, which are designed for ordering in scale range from grams to kilo-grams.

Chemigo has put in place the manufacturing and service facilities required to offer high quality levels to customers. All products are inspected by modern analytical methods to meet the highest quality standards. With approach to the certifications of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Chemigo is aiming at the highest quality and environmental standards in service and support.